PhD students’ Camp

Report of the MTG

Firstly I am honoured to be attending this MTG meeting, During this conference, I gained a deeper perception and understanding of all aspects of research. For example, Mr Naritani’s speech in the morning gave me a lot to think about. I’ve been thinking because cardiac output has an effect on ETCO2, does the amount of intraoperative rehydration affect ETCO2. However, as I was very timid and afraid that the questions would be too unprofessional, I didn’t dare to ask questions in the end. This is my problem and I need to correct it. During the afternoon session, I was very interested in Senior Li Yaqiang’s research and went to read some literature related to ischaemia-reperfusion after the session. It was very beneficial.I hope there will be more opportunities to attend such conferences in the future. I can really feel that I have learnt something and broadened my knowledge. At the same time, I would like to have more communication with professor, and I think I have a lot more to learn.