19th MOMO seminar

2022.04.20 お知らせ

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「Tranexamicacid in patients undergoing noncardiac surgery」






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7th MAP seminar

2022.04.09 お知らせ

7th MAP Seminar Report


Date: April 8, 2022


Speaker: Dr. Suita, Dr. Wang and Dr. Arakawa


We conducted our 7th MAP seminar on Apr 8.2022. 15 members participated in this seminar.


The first speaker was Dr. Suita. The title of his research was cultured cells embody organismal level hypothermia resistance in mice. He used vivid and interesting pictures to describe his research. He first introduced the relationship between body temperature and energy during hibernation. And then this study described three different kinds of mice and the hibernation state of their cells. And his results aroused everyone’s interest and discussed. The research was novel and we hope it can be published in a good journal.


The second speaker was Dr. Wang. The title of his research was hyaluronic acid of fascia in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathic. He described the behavioral evaluation of vincristine-induced chemotherapy-like rat model, and divided the rats into ns group and different concentrations of VCR group. And he found that the administration of VCR led to the change of Hyaluronan synthase and the decrease of a new type of cell-fasciacytes. Professor gave a homework on how to face and answer all kinds of difficult questions.


Finally, Dr. Arakawa presented his research: Pain medicine from clinical to research-pulsed radiofrequency (PRF). First, Dr. Arakawa introduced the concept of pain, epidemiology and clinical pain diagnosis and treatment methods, and then explained how to find problems from the clinical, and then use basic research to explain clinical problems. His research has been published in the Journal of Pain Research. And shows that prolonged the duration of PRF treatment does not achieve optimal treatment conditions, but rather causes nerve damage.


At this MAP seminar, three presenters gave presentations in English and discussed various issues. After these meetings, we not only got the opportunity to practice English, but also helped to improve our English skills. The combination of basic research and clinical research has expanded our research vision. We are looking forward to the next seminar.