17th MOMO seminar

2022.01.21 お知らせ

第17回 MOMOセミナー開催報告書 (2022年1月21日(金) 19時~)

文責: 山﨑 友輔 (福山市民病院 麻酔科)


・2022年1月21日(金)の19時からZOOM meeting上で、第17回 MOMOセミナーを開催しました。今回は症例提示と麻酔科専門医試験口頭試問勉強会を実施しました。


① 症例提示 (『麻酔中のアナフィラキシーについて』 ケースプレゼンター: 山﨑 フィードバック: 森松教授)

・今回は私の施設で実際に経験した、全身麻酔中のアナフィラキシーに関して症例を提示させていただきました。3症例提示しましたが、アナフィラキシーの発症タイミング (導入中/術中/抜管前)がそれぞれ異なり、アナフィラキシーに対する治療や手術続行の可否を含めた発症後の対応も異なっていました。





・補助診断として、血中ヒスタミン/トリプターゼの採血は重要。2nd アタックが起きないか、術後の経過観察も重要。



② 麻酔科専門医試験口頭試問勉強会 (参加者一同)



③ デブリーフィング (参加者一同)


5th MAP seminar

2022.01.15 お知らせ

Report of 5th MAP seminar


Date: January 14, 2022

Speaker: Dr.Shikichi Ohtani, Dr,Song Qingqing, Dr,Kenzo ISHI

We conducted 5th MAP seminar on January 14,2022.A total of 16 members participated in this seminar.

The first speaker is Dr. Shikichi Ohtani.The title of his research is protective effect of SnC2l on rhabdomyolysis-induced acute kidney injury in rats. He is divided into four groups:Control,saline+Gly,SnCl2+Gly,and SnCl2+SnMAP+Gly.The results are as follows.SnCl2 pretreatment significantly induced HO-1 in rats kidney. The activity of HO-1 induced by SnCl2 pretreatment confers protection against RM-AKI in rats.SnCl2 pretreatment significantly intracellular free heme in RM-AKI rats. Protective effect of SnCl2 pretreatment on RM-AKI rats is due not only to anti-oxidative property of HO-1 but also mediated through heme metabolism.

The second speaker is Dr.Song Qingqing. The title of her research is the relationship between intraoperative SpO2、ETCO2 and postoperative hypoxemia in eldery patients. She divided patients into two group: postoperative hypoxemia group and postoperative non-hypoxemia group. The results are as follows. Patients with postoperative hypoxemia have lower intraoperative SpO2 and higher intraoperative ETCO2.Patients with postoperative non-hypoxemia have higher intraoperative SpO2and lower intraoperative ETCO2.Compared with patients with postoperative non-hypoxemia, patients with postoperative hypoxemia had fewer female patients, higher height, larger weight and lower FEV%. There is also a longer surgery time and anesthesia time.

The last speaker is Dr. Kenzo ISHI. The title of his research is the relationship between a High-inspired Oxygen Concentration and Dorsal Atelectasis in High-energy Trauma Patients. He hypothesized that a high-inspired oxygen concentration delivered after admission results in dorsal atelectasis in high-engery trauma patients. He is divided into two groups: atelectasis group and non-atelectasis. The results are as follows. Atelectasis group received a higher inspired oxygen concentration compared to the non-atelectasis group in univariate analysis. Higher inspired oxygen concentration was not independent risk factor in the multivariate logistic regression analysis.

Each speaker will be followed by members asking questions and discussing. This is a great learning opportunity for both the speaker and the audience.


Song Qingqing

2022.01.05 お知らせ