3rd MAP Seminar Report by Dr. Guo

2021.10.08 お知らせ

Participants: 21


Dr. Ono Oxytocin

Dr. Guo Fluid balance in CRRT

Dr Shioji Nasal High Flow after pediatric cardiac surgery

Report of 3rd MAP seminar

We conducted the 3rd seminar online on 9.OCT. More than 20 Phd students attended the meeting. Dr.Shioji , Dr.Ono and Dr.guo presented their study in the meeting by English. At first Dr.Ono introduced his research about use Oxytocin as biomarker to evaluate pain. It was an interesting research. Many students were the first time to know oxytocin had relationship with pain.  Oxytocin commonly used in obstetrics clinical work and for anesthesia student it was a strange thing. Many students ask their own question especially focus on whether this biomarker can be used or not for male and mechanism about the oxytocin to evaluate pain. But this time we hadn’t enough time to detail answer all question. We wait for the next time to meet Dr. Ono.

Dr.Guo was the second speaker to presented his research about fluid management associate with prognosis in CRRT patients. This was a complex research because contain MAP and fluid. Both of two factors can affect patient mortality but MAP and fluid can influence each other. Therefore Dr.Guo tracked 72-h fluid management and MAP at the same time to prove the positive fluid management associate with mortality was a limitation conclusion and try to find a suitable and safety MAP to use negative fluid management treatment.

At last Dr.Shioji introduced his research about Physiological impact of high-flow nasal cannula therapy on postextubation acute respiratory failure after pediatric cardiac surgery: a prospective observational study. He found that Respiratory rate and blood pressure can be decreased after introduction of HFNC.

This was a good chance for foreign students and Japanese students to increase understanding about each other. We believe the next seminar in November will a wonderful meeting.