2nd MAP seminar report by Pan san

2021.09.12 お知らせ

Report of 2nd MAP seminar

We had a 2nd MAP seminar on 10th September. A total of 15 people attended the meeting. There are two speakers. The first speaker is Dr. Ryu Nakamura, the second speaker is Dr. Pan Yu. The title of first presentation is dexmedetomidine effect on inflammation of shock lung injury. The three groups in the research are: group 1 is sham-operated group,group2 is shock and non-treatment group, group 3 is shock and treatment group. The result is that dexmedetomidine can reduce inflammatory factors and reduce lung injury and pulmonary edema, and also affect autophagy. After presentation, there are two people asked questions, first question is about groups, second question is he think it is a little sparse on autophagy.

The title of second presentation is the relationship between MAP and rso2 during pediatric cardiac surgery in CPB. The research included all patients, cyanotic subgroups and age subgroups. The result is MAP and rso2 are positive correlation during pediatric cardiac surgery in CPB, not in neonate and infant patients, MAP and rso2 are no correlation. After presentation, there are four people asked questions, first question is why age groups’ results are different. Second question is about hemoglobin can effect rso2.Third question is about all patients’ rso2 trend over time. Fourth question is about suggestion for making figures.