MAP seminar

2022.08.12 お知らせ

10th MAP Seminar Report

Date: august 12, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Masahiko Oiwa, Dr. Guo Yusheng and Dr. Kimura Satoshi

We conducted our 10th MAP seminar on August 12, 2022.

15 Members participated in this seminar.

The first speaker was Dr. Masahiko Oiwa.

He research topic is “Histidine-rich glycoprotein as a novel predictive biomarker of postoperative complications in intensive care unit patients A prospective observational study”

He chose ICU patients after surgery and the HGR levels on POD1 in the patients with or without postoperative complications was her outcome. IN this study we learned the HRG levels on POD 1 was lower in patients who developed postoperative complications and the abililty of HRG to predict postoperative complications was superior than CRP and WBC. We believe his results are useful in ICU clinic work. The audiences who doing clinical studies actively joined in the discussion.

The second speaker was Guo yusheng.

The topic of his research was “Early fluid balance and hemodynamics are associated with 90-day mortality in patients undergoing continuous renal replacement therapy”His research was a complex because he simultaneously focusses on MAP and fluid. Both of them associated with patient mortality but the two factor can influence each other. Therefore Dr.Guo tracked 72-h fluid management and MAP at the same time to prove the positive fluid management associate with mortality was more evident in patients without shock. In addition, in this research we also witnessed that the reduce of daily fluid balance did not change stable hemodynamics. This result may impact future studies. The audiences felt interested in this research, they gave many good suggestions and questions.

The third speaker was Dr. Kimura Satoshi

The topic of his report was “Encouragement of Clinical research how to start ”

He is an experienced Clinical Investigator. In his report we learn a Completed research system from find clinical questions to write paper. In addition, he also teaches us many statistics experience such as multiple testing problem hypothesis testing. ALL audiences were enjoyed his reported and Dr. Kimura explained every question professionally. We look forward to his next report.

During the time MAP seminar, three speakers made presentations in English around clinical study, sharing their studies and research experience. The audiences took an active part in the discussion and ask question about the research and report, and we learned a lot about the clinical researches.

Professor Morimatsu explained each study carefully, and supplemental explained every doubts about their studies, helped researchers answer question completely and lead students to fully understand. All the participators learned and discussed in a lively environment and got professional suggest. We are highly looking forward learn more knowledge in the next MAP seminar.