8th MAP seminar

2022.05.13 お知らせ

8th MAP Seminar Report

Date: May 13, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Yoshiaki Shin, Dr. Lu YiFu and Dr. Yukiko Hikasa

We conducted our 8th MAP seminar on May 13.2022. 14 members participated in this seminar.


The first speaker was Dr Shin. His research topic is that exogenous HRG supplementation improves the survival rate of sepsis mice. He examined mesenteric vessels in mice with a high-speed scanning confocal lens. He videotapes neutrophils’ adherence to blood vessels, platelet aggregation, occlusion of capillary vessels, and endothelial disorders. It’s very clear in the image. The professor also gave affirmation, wishing him the future research smoothly.


The second speaker was Dr Lu. His research topic is the activation of DEX on autophagy in HSR model rats. He sampled and analyzed the lung tissues of the HSR rat model, and divided the rats into groups to observe the lung injury of the rats 24 hours after de administration and the autophagy level of the lung tissues, so as to determine the autophagy activation effect of Dex. The professor gave suggestions on the research content and the writing of the follow-up paper.


Finally, Dr. Yukiko conducted a retrospective study on fluid therapy and postoperative complications in minimally invasive esophagectomy for esophageal cancer in a hospital. She collected information from 135 eligible patients and discussed the relationship between intraoperative fluid balance and postoperative complications. The paper has been published and should help manage this type of surgery in the future. The professor praised her research and publication at the meeting.


In the MAP seminar, the three speakers delivered their presentations in English and participated in the discussion with others after the presentation under the auspices of the professor. At the conference, the presenter got the opportunity to publish in English and had more understanding of his research during the discussion, which provided more ideas for their research. Other participants also learned more about clinical and basic medical research through the conference. The conference was very helpful to us. Looking forward to the next meeting.